Nathalie Jonsson

Science Writer 

  1. The Challenges Of Being A Scientist


    Most likely your theories will be challenged and sometimes you are proved wrong. You can still be considered brilliant for fighting your corner.


  2. No Friends Without Kurt


    In 1992 movie director Cameron Crowe released a young-adult rom com set in Seattle called ‘Singles’. It received some publicity and positive reviews but was no box office smash hit. The publicity mainly revolved around the soundtrack filled with songs from the emerging grunge scene, which was also heavily depicted in the film.

    Warner Bros. saw a bright future in the concept and approached Crowe about turning his movie into a series. Crowe declined. Warner Bros. went back to the drawing board, tweaked the idea slightly and in 1994 the show finally aired on TV as the glossy show ‘Friends’.

  3. Did We All Unintentionally Buy Into Creationism?


    To finally catch up with the fifth season of Mad Men that is due to air, or just started airing, I have just finished ploughing through two seasons of Mad Men. The story that interests me the most is Peggy and her (very slow and, to her, uncertain) shot to stardom.

    To me, the show is based on a common western theme: Young person is secretly very talented (some times they don’t even understand it themselves) and given the right opportunity he or she blossoms. This story proposes that people are born with some sort of ‘essence’ that amplifies in the proper setting and results in an individual perfect for that surrounding. In popular culture, the story of someone being born to become successful is not provocative at all. Maybe it even seems as reasonable as anything else. Maybe I too am really talented at something?

    I guess it was the day when I started soul-searching for my very own talent or ‘essence’ that I realised that the idea doesn’t make sense. Most likely there is no one task that I am genetically perfect to perform and should spend my life chasing. Most likely, I navigate through life in search for happiness and on the way I develop skills and become a person damn good at performing what ever task I arrive at.

    If I can’t accept creationism for the history of the world, then why would I apply it to my own life?